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Babcock Zephyr Plus Ventilator

The design and production of a clinical grade ventilator and set up of UK supply chain solution from scratch in 100 days, in response to the UK Ventilator Challenge


How did the collaboration come about?

Based on the government’s call for help, Babcock International Group set out their intention to create a consortium to develop a ventilator. In parallel, the team at Kinneir Dufort had recognised they could provide useful support due to their knowledge and experience of medical device development and signed up to the government’s request for help. Once Babcock had set up their partnership with the European Medical Equipment company, they realised additional support would be needed and called on the services of a number of partners, including Kinneir Dufort.

What were the most important factors that contributed to the success of this project?

The original ‘big idea’

Response to COVID-19

Combination of skill sets

Commitment of participants

Delivery of project

Available funding


Every partner on this project was pulling in the same direction with the objective of delivering a ventilator for the people who really needed it. The group consisted of a number of companies who had never worked together before but we able to identify who was best placed to carry out each task efficiently. A device that would usually take years to design and manufacture was created in months. The pace of the project was hugely dependant on the contributions of individuals working well above and beyond their normal working week, whilst balancing the product cost, limited supply chain and ease of use to ensure the ventilator was fit for purpose.


Project funding

Government funding


Will the project continue beyond COVID-19 lockdown?