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RT @kerriahall: I wonder if there are any great @iwill_campaign #PowerOfYouth Charter signatories & #iwill ambassador collaborations who co…
RT @ftwork_org: We believe collaborations are the most effective way to bring about change. That’s why our latest initiative #PartnerUp se…
RT @takenoteconnect: BIG NEWS: We're joining forces with @Collab_cc_ & @ftwork_org to offer two new pots of £30k funding for high-impact ar…
RT @ftwork_org: We’re ready to help the arts scene get back on it’s feet after COVID-19 - watch this space! @takenoteconnect @Collab_CC_
The cathedral, the photographer, the carers and patient - a perfect project to apply to the new Partner-Up fund https://t.co/IxC1ZlOIAv @takenoteconnect @ftwork_org #collaboration #PartnerUp #CHANGE https://t.co/YcGut1cg5R via @Collab_CC_
The community, the festival and the arts charity - a perfect project to apply to the new Partner-Up fund https://t.co/IxC1ZlOIAv @takenoteconnect @ftwork_org https://t.co/DNyK3QkLRl via @Collab_CC_ #collaboration #PartnerUp #CHANGE
Brilliant to be collaborating with @takenoteconnect & @ftwork_org to support two new pots of £30k funding for high-impact arts collaborations in the wake of COVID-19. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #funding #collaboration #PartnerUp #CHANGE https://t.co/QCsdImezsC https://t.co/Nb5rfzegJI
RT @ftwork_org: Look out for this exciting new initiative with @takenoteconnect. COVID lockdowns sparked great collaborations, prompting us…
RT @takenoteconnect: Something exciting is coming... We're cooking up a new Connect Lab with @Collab_CC_ & @ftwork_org... More to come soon…
#FebruaryFireUp #collaborative #change The designer volunteers and the manufacturers - https://t.co/aZYjbuXK6v via @Collab_CC_

Empowering the future

Many responses to COVID-19 have demonstrated innovation and collaborative working. This platform is to gather, share, celebrate and investigate this collaborative working, as a means to continue to deliver innovative change for social impact.
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The council-owned developer, the charitable trust and the architects

‘Housing for a better world’ competition

The think tank, the housing association, the children’s charity and the co-designers

Friendly Families Nursery - Deptford's co-produced parent-led nursery

The youth project, the schools, the community and food retailer

KYC Digital Youth Provision

The drinks company, the energy company, the foundations and the State

Carlsberg and Ørsted hand sanitisers

The Sikh community, the organisations in need and the food production

Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara COVID-19 Food Programme

The architects, the engineers, the NHS and the British Army

NHS Nightingale

The architects, the university and the city administration


The indigenous tribes, the community and the federal government

Indigenous Solar Farm Opens in Remote Northern Canadian Community

The hip-hop youth charity, the food bank and the community centre

The architects, the designers, the engineers and the health technology company

CURA Task Force

The arts support organisation, the funder and the young refugee music charity

Take Note: Take Away Strategic COVID-19 Response Package

The charity, the homeless health team and the local authority

Mildmay - London's Primary Facility for the London COVID-19 Homeless Health Operations Centre

The theatre, the artists, the media partners, and the funders.

Unicorn Online

The architects, the engineers and the innovators

IA Collaborative supports the Pandemic Health Worker Program (PWHP)

The independent arts agency, the community and the artists

Community is Kindness

The theatre company, the artists, the criminal justice system experiences and the community

2 Metres Apart

The Theatre and the Community

The Exchange

The mayor, the local businesses and the crowdfunding platform

Pay it Forward

The bank, the municipality and the community

‘The Square of Us’

The architects, the social change experts and the housing commissioners

Rethinking Intergenerational Housing

The medical professional, the design innovator and the collective

Emergency Design Collective

The foodbanks and the charity

Feeding the Youth - Oasis Hub Youth

The slow fashion brand and the lipstick artist

Capsule collection capturing hope and creative sustainability

The fashion magazine & the essential workers

British Vogue celebrates Essential Workers on the July 2020 cover

The community, the festival and the arts charity

The youth music charity, the professional orchestras and the secondary school sector

Modulo Online

The developer and the collaborators

Workplace Loneliness Progress Report

The awards, the grant and the designers

COVID-19 Design Innovation Grant

The Youth Charity, the Young Leaders and the Florist

Operation Smiles

The community interest company, the volunteers and the frontline staff

Fuel our Frontline

The city and the designers

Ville de Paris: Social Distancing Signage

The street art project and the artist

Billboard Takeover

The designer volunteers and the manufacturers

Emergency Designer Network (EDN)

The healthcare network, the state and the design and the innovation consultant

IA Collaborative supports the Pandemic Health Worker Program (PWHP)

The medical equipment company, the industrial designers, and manufacturers

Babcock Zephyr Plus Ventilator

The coffee shop, the local school groups and the community

Local coffee shop sets up system for free meals for school children.

The refugee arts charity, the global platform and the poet

Window Words with Good Chance & The World From My Window

The creative digital studio, the architects and the engineers


The community trust, the housing developer and the food charity

Skyline Emergency Food Hub

The arts charity, the artists and the community

Kind Places & Spaces

The aerosol scientist, the journalist and the illustrator

How to Hug During a Pandemic

The broadcasters, the student network, the petition platform and the initiator.

Make Diversity Count

Two friends, the refugees and the local community

Bristol bike project bringing affordable transport to the asylum seekers

The cathedral, the photographer, the carers and patients

The architect, the communication designer, the fabricators and the start up

Project Kiosk

The trust, the mayor, the arts council, the philanthropists and the creatives

Creative Land Trust – Creative Workspace Resilience Fund

The architect, the politician and the university

Fundación RIA

The online pop-up sale, the fashion brands, the public and the social change movement


Join the movement for change by adding your project to the catalogue.

These can be physical, practical, virtual; they can involve new or existing relationships, networks and ways of working, within and between communities, industries or across sectors.

There are just two essential ingredients: they must be collaborations and have an identifiable social impact.

The examples and data collected through Collaborative Change will be formed into a digital catalogue, accessible to all. It will record and celebrate the remarkable local responses to a life-transforming global event; to inspire and prompt further and lasting action.

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