The charity, the homeless health team and the local authority

Mildmay - London's Primary Facility for the London COVID-19 Homeless Health Operations Centre

In a project that has been coordinated by the Homeless Health Operations Centre and staffed by the Healthy London Partnership, the charity Mildmay has become the Primary Facility for the London COVID-19 Homeless Health Operations Centre.

How did the collaboration come about?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Healthy London Partnership – A partnership of the NHS that, amongst other things, is a Homeless Health Team – deployed a selection of its staff to create an operations centre that would assist the Greater London Authority (GLA), Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Governments (MHCLG) and Local Authorities, to help provide temporary accommodation and healthcare support to the homeless in London. The charity Mildmay, which prides itself on being an internationally-renowned specialist HIV hospital has now taken on the role of being London’s primary facility for homeless COVID-19 patients.

Will the project continue beyond COVID-19 lockdown?

The project will aim to help homeless people affected by COVID-19 for the foreseeable future, and once the pandemic id over the hospital will revert to being a centre for treating HIV patients.

How was the project funded

Charity and Government Funding

Any other comments?

In order of importance, please choose the relevant factors that contributed to the success of this project?

Response to need
Response to COVID-19
The 'big' idea
Social impact
Delivery of Project
Combination of skill sets
Combination of participants
Volunteer support
Existing relationships
Available funding