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IA Collaborative supports the Pandemic Health Worker Program (PWHP)

IA Collaborative are designing patient-facing materials to support the Pandemic Health Worker Program (PWHP) which will digitally serve people with COVID-19 symptoms and protect the well-being of the general public.


How did the collaboration come about?

OSF HealthCare are developing the PWHP in collaboration with the State of Illinois. They engaged IA Collaborative to design and launch handbook and digital site as part of a care kit to make the home care process understandable and safe. The kits support the program’s broader effort to safeguard hospitals from being overwhelmed.

What were the most important factors that contributed to the success of this project?

Response to need
Response to COVID-19
Combination of skill sets
Combination of participants
Delivery of project
Social impact

Project funding

OSF HealthCare


Image Credits: IA Collaborative