The online pop-up sale, the fashion brands, the public and the social change movement


GOOD BUYS is an online pop-up sale aiming to raise as much money as possible to “help fight the effects of the most pressing pandemics of our time: anti-Blackness and COVID-19.

The collection of pieces on sale are donated by some of the most beloved high fashion houses and independent designers, including Dior, Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Jacquemus, Off White and others. The proceeds will go directly to National Domestic Workers Alliance and The Movement for Black Lives.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is a non-profit organisation which promotes the rights of the millions of domestic workers in the United States, the majority of whom are immigrants and women of colour. They are providing emergency assistance and helping domestic workers stay safe during Covid-19.

The Movement for Black Lives is an ecosystem of individuals and organisations creating a shared vision and policy agenda to win rights, recognition, and resources for Black people.

How did the collaboration come about?

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What were the most important factors that contributed to the success of this project?

The ‘big idea’
Combination of participants
Volunteer support
Delivery of project
Social impact


Project funding

Fundraising and donations


Will the project continue beyond COVID-19 lockdown?

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Image credits: GOOD BUYS